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Canyon White Water River Rafting and its Amazing Adventures

Grand Canyon RaftingRafting in the cold white water during the hot summer months is undoubtedly an exciting combination. Nothing delivers ultimate adventure and enjoyment like the Grand Canyon River rafting trips. Besides river rafting, the place offers incredible photographing opportunities to people to capture the blue sky.

White water river rafting trips test the endurance of every rafter. But you can surely expect a pleasing meet and greet by rafting service staff, friendly raft guides, quality protective gear, delicious meals and entertainment. As you set yourself for river rafting, the Grand Canyon ensures that you have an experience of a lifetime.

Take a deep breath and feel the fragrant air of the Grand Canyon. You can explore all the tourist spots of the place during the day time along with plenty of engaging activities like hiking, camping, mule riding and more. The legendary rapids you will face all way long will certainly make your trip adventurous.

River rafting trips in the Grand Canyon offer what other tourist destinations can not even dare to promise, ‘a complete satisfaction of the senses’.

Experience the adventure like never before!


Facts About the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular natural wonders in today’s modern era. Being the favorite destination for tourists, people from all across the globe are lured by this natural wonder. As per the researches, over 4 million people visit this beautiful place every year. So, if you are planning a holiday, you should not miss the beauty of the Grand Canyon at any cost. Check out the below interesting Grand Canyon facts which you should know while you are there.Grand Canyon Rafting

Did you know?

The Grand Canyon is not only about solid rocks, cliffs and valleys, but it’s a perfect habitat for over 75 different species of mammals, 50 species of reptiles, 300 species of birds, 25 species of fish and 5 species of amphibians.

Needless to state, the Grand Canyon is an overwhelming place to plan a vacation. Apart from picturesque landscapes, there are numerous activities which travelers can do at the Grand Canyon. These activities include some of the most adventurous Grand Canyon rafting expeditions, mule rides, camping, kayaking, hiking and more. All the activities are undoubtedly enthralling and ensure a memorable experience for participants.

Hope these facts would inspire you to visit, ‘Grand Canyon’ the great wonder of the world.

Planning a Family holiday to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon with its wonderful rock formations and the deep blue Colorado River is one of the natural wonders of the modern world. With various options to explore the popular tourist destination, it is also a paradise for nature lovers.  There are a few suggestions to consider before you embark on your journey to the Grand Canyon.Grand Canyon Trips

Planning the Vacation and the Route

The Grand Canyon is divided into three parts namely, the northern rim, the southern rim and the western rim. The northern rim is quite popular with hikers, young couples and people who value tranquility. The southern rim is ideal for family vacations. You can also view the wonderful Canyons from the southern rim if you don’t find yourself to be a very good hiker.

Hotel Bookings

Grand Canyon, an absolute tourist destination offers a spectrum of activities for families which can be enjoyed all round the year. Summers happen to be the peak visiting season while winters offer profound tranquility to nature lovers. However, if you want to enjoy a holiday in the busy Grand Canyon, you might have to confirm hotel reservation at least 4 months prior to your visit.

So, don’t make it too late. Surprise your family with a memorable trip to the Grand Canyon.

Get Wet on a Grand Canyon Rafting Vacation

Grand Canyon VacationGrand Canyon Whitewater River Rafting is one of the most enthralling outdoor activities. It is the kind of adventure that anyone would like to share with friends making it a complete weekend excursion out of it. Grand Canyon rafting vacation is popularly known for leaving its participants wanting for more. The powerful waves just don’t cease to scare you again and again.

If you don’t get wet then probably you are not rafting

Getting wet on a whitewater rafting trip is inevitable as you can’t keep yourself droughty while you are facing those challenging rapids all your way. It is like a welcome treat on a hot summer day, adding to thrill and excitement in your entire Grand Canyon trips. Furthermore, the raft guides will allow you to jump in and swim when necessary, so you‘ll always have to be prepared for that.

It is not mandatory to know swimming if you are on a rafting trip because you are always under the supervision of expert raft guides.  But, the bottom line is to count on getting wet. Remember, if you don’t get wet, then you’re probably not rafting and simply taking a boat ride.

So, make up your mind for an ultimate white water rafting experience at your favorite destination.