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Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours for Families

Ask any of the Colorado River rafting enthusiasts about the helicopter tours and you are likely to hear that it is “the trip of a lifetime.” With a number of Grand Canyon rafting companies eagerly waiting for guests to avail the Canyon Helicopter Tours, rest assure that you will experience an unimaginable type of adventure and enjoyment of your life.

Tours by Helicopter

Peer out of the window during your Grand Canyon helicopter trip and you will see breath-taking views of your destination. Owing to the magnificent beauty of the place, thousands of visitors take Grand Canyon helicopter tour every year.

The Grand Canyon Helicopter tour-guides and trip-hosts take care of different things for your convenience, so you can simply enjoy the exhilaration of your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in the awe -inspiring natural surroundings. Click pictures with your kids, enjoy peaceful climate and complimentary meals.

By making your Canyon helicopter tour reservation in advance, you can expect:

  • Lower prices
  • Best flight times

So, what is stopping you? Plan a memorable Grand Canyon vacation with your family and have unlimited fun this weekend!


Arizona River Rafting- Experience an Unparalleled Adventure

It is said that experience is the best teacher. When it comes to the Grand Canyon rafting, nobody can literally express his or her experience.

Grand Canyon rafting adventure is truly made for rafting enthusiasts across the globe. With the finest rafting tours operating in the Grand Canyon, you can experience the unique beauty of the destination on your raft. Here you will find panoramic close-up views of towering canyon walls, a magnificent wildlife, splendid canyons and the famous Arizona River. Grand Canyon rafting experience is truly a trip of a lifetime. You can share a memorable experience with your friends as the Grand Canyon preserves an opportunity for outstanding and reasonably priced rafting trips for generations to come.

Rafting guides at the Arizona River are meticulously selected and are trained to prepare you to face the challenging rapids ensuring that you have a safe and an enjoyable rafting experience. The Grand Canyon river trips services help make your rafting vacation an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

You can do rafting anywhere but the Arizona River has something unique to offer.. So, book your trip and experience an unparalleled adventure of Arizona River rafting.

White Water Rafting – When Safety should be Your First Priority

The Grand Canyon whitewater rafting has become a famous outdoor sport for millions of travel enthusiasts. But, no matter how exciting it may be, one should not forget that whitewater rafting entails an element of risk, a risk of life. Therefore, you should always follow these basic tips to ensure that your rafting experience is thrilling yet safe.

Choose a good life jacket

Always choose to wear a good life jacket and helmet.  Your life jacket should be comfortable and neither too oversized, nor too small. It should allow you to make your movements flexibly.

Do not drink alcohol before rafting 

Alcohol might soothe your senses at a cold location but its intake before rafting is quite risky. You not only endanger yourself, but also become a risk for other passengers on your boat.

Take breaks

When you raft for hours going down a river, it is advisable to stop and take a few breaks when you feel tired. Find a section of river that’s not flowing so hard, stop, and rest. It will help you regain your energy level.

Drink plenty of water

One of the biggest dangers you might face while rafting is dehydration. Even though you are in a river, if you don’t drink enough water, dehydration can quickly sap your energy and spoil your adventure trip. Remember, to bring your own water along for the trip.

Keep safety your priority when you are on an adventurous Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip.