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What should You Carry on a Rafting Trip?

A majority of people going on a rafting trip get so much engrossed with the safety aspects that they overlook the smaller things that can make their rafting experience uncomfortable. Here are some of the important items that you should not forget to leave behind when you are going on a Cataract Canyon rafting trip –

  • Always carry sunscreen and re-apply it whenever you get a chance.
  • Pair of shoes or sneakers as your shoes are going to get wet during rafting.
  • Important medicines such as anti-allergens or inhalers to ensure that you do not have a hard time while in the river.
  • Even though you will be surrounded by water, carry a water bottle so that you can keep yourself hydrated in the scorching sun.
  • Towels so that you can wipe of water from your face.
  • A pair of clothes as you will need to drive back in dry clothes.
  • Dry bags to keep your belongings such as camera, cell phone, car keys or wallet safe.

When you are planning a rafting trip, check with the local weather conditions to see if there is something else that you need. Keep these tips in mind and ensure an exciting and adventurous time.


Important Tips for Utah River Rafting Trips

Summer is here and if you are gearing up for a Utah river rafting trip, here are some important tips that you should keep in mind to prepare for the trip –

  • It is advisable not to carry items such as car keys, cameras, cell phones, wallets or any such thing while rafting. However, most professional rafting companies provide dry bags; it is wise to buy one to be sure.
  • It is always better to go for a multi-day rafting trip. This will not only help you in gaining better rafting skills, but will also make you enjoy the bliss the nature has to offer.
  • Do not forget to carry important medications such as insulin, anti-allergens, first aid or inhalers, if you require any.
  • Always ensure that you wear comfortable clothing when going for rafting. Since you will get wet, uncomfortable clothing can add up to your woes.
  • Never forget to wear sunscreen and carry one when you are rafting.

White river rafting is an amazing experience to enjoy the untamed water. Keep these important tips in mind and have an exciting rafting experience.

Myths about White River Rafting

Green River RaftingRafting is one of the most exciting water sports that allow you to break away from the monotony of the everyday life. If you are planning a Green River rafting trip, you need to know the following myths so that you can enjoy the experience without any hassles –

If you know swimming, you can paddle through any rapid – This is an outrageous myth as swimming in a pool and rafting in a roaring river are two completely different things. Even if you are a professional swimmer, your chances of surviving in the higher grade rapids become as flimsy as people who do not know swimming at all.

All rapids are the same – This myth was most probably conjured by someone who has never ever done rafting. Rapids vary from Grade 1 to Grade 2, with Grade 1, being the easiest and Grade 6, being the most dangerous.

Life jackets are of no use in high flows – Life jackets keep you afloat if you fall into the river. These should be worn every time you are in the river.

Know these myths and prepare yourself for an exciting and adventurous journey.

Ensure Your Safety with these River Rafting Safety Tips

White river rafting is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world. The gurgling waters, roaring rapids and treacherous rocks are enough to make an adrenaline junkie’s heart beat faster. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind to ensure your safety on a rafting trip –

  • Know where you are going – River rapids are categorized from rapid 1 to rapid 6, with 1 being the easiest and 6 most advanced and dangerous. Always search the area before going to know if you are capable of rafting there. In addition, rivers can get more tumultuous during the rains, so you have to keep that in mind as well.
  • Never go alone – Even if you are a trained swimmer, never do the insane thing of taking your raft and going alone in the river. The river where rafting is done is not a swimming pool and rafting requires more than just good swimming.
  • Always wear a helmet and life-jacket – Make sure that you have a helmet and comfortable life vest on whenever you are in the water. Do not take them off even if you come across a gentle section of the river.
  • Check the equipment – Always check the raft and paddles before hitting the river to ensure that they are not damaged.

River rafting is an exciting way to know your potential and endurance levels. If you are planning a Grand Canyon rafting trip, keep these tips in mind and ensure an adventurous and safe time.

Role of Professional Colorado Rafting Service Providers

Colorado River rafting is all about ceaseless fun and adventure. Although there are hundreds of rafting spots across the world, Grand Canyon is a destination that ensures a lifetime rafting experience. The place actually amazes travel enthusiasts with its picturesque landscapes, serene beauty and numerous outdoor adventure activities. That is why millions of tourists visit Grand Canyon every year from far across the world.

If adventure is something you are passionate about, planning a Colorado River Rafting trip is a great choice. Grand Canyon lets you relax in the lap of nature in the most unique way. You can experience the challenging white water rapids in the day time and enjoy great wines at the banks of rivers in the late evenings. Needless to state, a Colorado River rafting trip can be an amazing way to celebrate any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, graduation and more. The Canyon has so much in store for each traveler that one visit is just not enough. Detailed rock formations, an impressive variety of flowers, popular market plazas and even isolated locations, one you can simply explore this place before and after your river rafting adventure.

However, certain points need to be considered before embarking on a river rafting journey. The primary thing is to make sure you choose a reputable Colorado River rafting service provider. Certainly, when you want your rafting trip to be a memorable one, giving attention to details offered by these rafting service providers is crucial.

Professional rafting service providers make sure you are facilitated with everything that may be required during your river trip. The expert raft guides provide all the details about the geology, ecology and history of the place. Thus, taking professional assistance is must for every rafter who is planning to experience a Colorado River rafting adventure.

In addition, professional Colorado rafting companies provide proper attention to each rafter making sure that they are mentally and physically prepared. Their guidance ensures that one is strong enough to face the challenging water rapids in the most comfortable way. Not only this, reputable rafting service providers guide about the right time for rafting and provide all the requisite safety gear to ensure safety of each passenger.

Feel the Waves with Rafting in Moab

Moab is renowned for one of the most adventurous destination in North America. While brilliant scenery grabs most of the attention, raging river water provides just one more way of boosting your adrenaline levels in the southeast of Utah. Both the Green and Colorado Rivers run through the beautiful country around Moab. The town’s many top-quality rafting trips range from wild, heart-pumping river runs to mild, leisurely paddles.

Highly popular Moab rafting trips through various regions:
1.   Westwater Canyon: Westwater Canyon is one of the most famed rafting trips of the Moab area. National Geographic called this “the West’s Best Short Whitewater Trip.”
2.   Cataract Canyon: Another highly popular Moab rafting trip, Cataract Canyon provides a mix of scenery, history and thrilling rapids.
3.   Calm Water: According to the Moab Area Travel Council’s website, the area above the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers provides calm water, minus rapids, for those looking for a more relaxing rafting experience.


Stay in the Best Hotel, Make Your Grand Canyon Vacation Memorable

Grand Canyon

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, do not miss to reserve the best hotel to ensure that your vacation goes as memorable as you have imagined. Do not know which hotel to check in? This blog might be helpful.

The Grand Hotel- A destination of memories

The Grand Hotel is one of the popular hotels located on the State Highway 64, in Tusayan village, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Grand Canyon National Park which is just one mile away from the hotel and the southern rim of the Canyon is just a drive away. The hotel was built in 1998 and is a three-story holiday home. With 121 rooms each well-furnished and equipped with modern furniture, the Grand Hotel also offers plenty of amenities. To make the stay truly enjoyable the Grand invites all the guests to use its indoor pool, hot tubs and adjacent fitness center. After an all- day long rafting adventure, you can settle down at The Grand hotel and enjoy every evening with what the hotel offers you.

Explore Grand Canyon expeditions with The Grand Hotel

If you can get up a little early, you also get an opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise over the Grand Canyon. You can also get access to some of the remote places of the Grand Canyon through a helicopter ride, hiking trip, geological tour, Grand Canyon National Park tours and more, all available from the Grand Hotel. The staff at this hotel plans your tours so that so that you could truly enjoy every bit of your vacation being at utmost comfort.

Moisturizing and Fashion Tips for Rafters

Colorado River Rafting

You have planned a Colorado River rafting trip and ready to embark on a rafting adventure. But have you also prepared yourself to stay healthy and fashionable on your river trip? Considering the following moisturizing and fashion tips might help you:


Try to keep drinking fluids with yourself. You may not find yourself sweating after that but it is actually the fluids doing their role to keep you warm. If you are facing powerful cold water rapids on your teeth, avoid drinking cold water as it may create oral problems. Try to take a thermos along and prefer hot drinks. Don’t keep rafting wearing the same wet gloves and sock, keep changing them. It is advisable to carry some extra clothes and other necessities for that purpose. Also remember to slather a thick lotion on your hands and feet each night before you go to sleep to limit the cuts and shedding of skin on the back of your hands and feet.

Fashion Tips

Rafting is not just an outdoor activity but it also gives rafters an opportunity to stay in fashion with cool wardrobes. While shopping for rafting outfits, try to look for lightweight clothing. Girls can wear cotton skirts, shorts and long sleeve cotton shirts that appear smart and are comfortable as well. Loose pants are also a good option to stay comfortable yet fashionable while rafting. Boys can go for surgical scrub pants or shorts for heavy rapid days as stiff outfits might provide discomfort.

Now stay fit yet fashionable and enjoy rafting like never before.