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Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies [Infographic]

Are you planning for Colorado River Rafting Vacation or Grand Canyon Rafting trips?

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions, Inc. has presented an Infographic titled ‘Rafting Guide For Dummies’, which has loads of information about the basics of oar strokes for beginners. It adumbrates the 6 common oar strokes a rafter must be efficient at:

  • J-stroke
  • The sweep
  • The draw
  • Backstroke
  • Push Stroke/ Portegee

The infographic reveals

  • Names and visual guide of the different types of stokes
  • The effect of each stroke while rafting
  • ‘How-to’ steps for each stroke

 Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies Infographic by CRATEINC


Colorado River Rafting- An Amazing White Water Experience

Colorado white water rafting gives a great opportunity to explore the amazing river along with the beautiful canyons. The beauty of the river is filled with unlimited levels of excitement for every rafting enthusiast.

Colorado River rafting is not only a wonderful adventure; but also an amazing social experience. Rafting enthusiasts on this river enjoy a memorable experience which they carry with themselves forever. While on the raft, they can spend quality time watching all the picturesque landscapes and pristine beauty of the destination that follows all along the way.

Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is a great place to enjoy with family and friends.  Many trips also offer helicopter tours, camping, and even climbing in addition to the river rafting adding more fun to your journey. White water rafting trips are the perfect way to connect with friends, family, nature, and history.

When you will sign for a Colorado River rafting trip, the river rafting service providers will generally offer you an exciting package. This package will be inclusive of your essential supplies as well as meals that you will receive on your trip.

So, what are you thinking about? Pack your bags for a memorable Colorado River rafting experience.

Colorado River Rafting Made Easy

Are you planning to visit a new destination for your river rafting trip? There are numerous rafting spots across the globe but the most adventurous amongst all is the popular Grand Canyon. The destination is counted in the top wonders of the world and has everything to amaze you with. From its awe-inspiring beauty to audacious rafting trips, you can certainly spend the most memorable time of your life in Grand Canyon. This is the reason why thousands of tourists from all over the world plan for Colorado River rafting trips. An incredible experience is what the Grand Canyon promises everyone.

If you want to visit a place that is encumbered with fun, adventure and wonderful surroundings, then going for a Colorado River Rafting trip is the best option. This way you will be able to escape from your hectic daily life and will be able to relax in the lap of nature.

Besides Colorado River rafting, you can also plan for short trips in the Grand Canyon such as hiking, 2-day helicopter tours, camping and more.

To enjoy all this, all you need to do is, find a professional Colorado River rafting company. The professionals will serve you with everything that you would require at your rafting trip.

Good luck for a memorable journey.

Desolation Canyon Trip: An Overview

Are you planning for Desolation Canyon trip? Desolation Canyon lies in one of the remotest locations in the Grand Canyon. The place is enclosed by the Green River that cuts through the Tavaputs Plateau, a region that is uninhabited and has beautiful landscapes and scenery of the big cottonwood trees and wildlife. In addition, the sandy beaches make the spot even more entertaining.

Planning for Desolation Canyon Trip:

Rafting trips through Desolation Canyon generally last between 4 to 6 days. Aside from the wonderful redrock Green River canyon walls, Desolation Canyon also features breathtaking rock art sites. Trips down Desolation Canyon also give a good amount of time for hiking, and guides are generally prepared to share their knowledge about local landmarks and their importance. On this trip, rafting enthusiasts are often invited for paddling. Meals and snacks are also provided on these trips. It is advisable to carry your camping equipment when you are on a Desolation Canyon trip or buy it on rent for an additional cost.