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Desolation Canyon Trip: An Overview

Are you planning for Desolation Canyon trip? Desolation Canyon lies in one of the remotest locations in the Grand Canyon. The place is enclosed by the Green River that cuts through the Tavaputs Plateau, a region that is uninhabited and has beautiful landscapes and scenery of the big cottonwood trees and wildlife. In addition, the sandy beaches make the spot even more entertaining.

Planning for Desolation Canyon Trip:

Rafting trips through Desolation Canyon generally last between 4 to 6 days. Aside from the wonderful redrock Green River canyon walls, Desolation Canyon also features breathtaking rock art sites. Trips down Desolation Canyon also give a good amount of time for hiking, and guides are generally prepared to share their knowledge about local landmarks and their importance. On this trip, rafting enthusiasts are often invited for paddling. Meals and snacks are also provided on these trips. It is advisable to carry your camping equipment when you are on a Desolation Canyon trip or buy it on rent for an additional cost.


What should You Carry on a Rafting Trip?

A majority of people going on a rafting trip get so much engrossed with the safety aspects that they overlook the smaller things that can make their rafting experience uncomfortable. Here are some of the important items that you should not forget to leave behind when you are going on a Cataract Canyon rafting trip –

  • Always carry sunscreen and re-apply it whenever you get a chance.
  • Pair of shoes or sneakers as your shoes are going to get wet during rafting.
  • Important medicines such as anti-allergens or inhalers to ensure that you do not have a hard time while in the river.
  • Even though you will be surrounded by water, carry a water bottle so that you can keep yourself hydrated in the scorching sun.
  • Towels so that you can wipe of water from your face.
  • A pair of clothes as you will need to drive back in dry clothes.
  • Dry bags to keep your belongings such as camera, cell phone, car keys or wallet safe.

When you are planning a rafting trip, check with the local weather conditions to see if there is something else that you need. Keep these tips in mind and ensure an exciting and adventurous time.

Finding the Rafting Package with Cataract Canyon Trip

To go on a rafting trip, it is mandatory that we take services of a moab raftingrafting service provider and pick a rafting package suiting our needs and wants in a specific manner.  4-Day Cataract Canyon rafting expedition, 5-day Cataract Canyon rafting expedition and 7-Day rafting-hiking-exploring-photography trip are some of the rafting related trips available at Cataract Canyon.

Through the 4-day rafting trip, you can enjoy some great off-river hiking and can enjoy some moments of relaxation and peace. The trip starts from Moab and ends with a scenic charter flight back to Moab.

moab rafting trip

To row the river with rapids on oar and powered rafts, you need to go for a 5-day Cataract Canyon rafting expedition. The trip is a very good option for enjoying nice sandy beaches. 7-day rafting trip available at Cataract Canyon is boasted as one of the finest trips that anyone can enjoy in his life time. Renowned for its big drop rapids, Cataract Canyon is a place where two great rivers Green and Colorado mingle with each other. It is also famous for viewing of the largest and least accessible national park of Utah. All of three river trips make rafters and tourists stunned and amazed with the scenic views of natural beauty settled around the canyon.