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Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies [Infographic]

Are you planning for Colorado River Rafting Vacation or Grand Canyon Rafting trips?

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions, Inc. has presented an Infographic titled ‘Rafting Guide For Dummies’, which has loads of information about the basics of oar strokes for beginners. It adumbrates the 6 common oar strokes a rafter must be efficient at:

  • J-stroke
  • The sweep
  • The draw
  • Backstroke
  • Push Stroke/ Portegee

The infographic reveals

  • Names and visual guide of the different types of stokes
  • The effect of each stroke while rafting
  • ‘How-to’ steps for each stroke

 Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies Infographic by CRATEINC


Role of Professional Colorado Rafting Service Providers

Colorado River rafting is all about ceaseless fun and adventure. Although there are hundreds of rafting spots across the world, Grand Canyon is a destination that ensures a lifetime rafting experience. The place actually amazes travel enthusiasts with its picturesque landscapes, serene beauty and numerous outdoor adventure activities. That is why millions of tourists visit Grand Canyon every year from far across the world.

If adventure is something you are passionate about, planning a Colorado River Rafting trip is a great choice. Grand Canyon lets you relax in the lap of nature in the most unique way. You can experience the challenging white water rapids in the day time and enjoy great wines at the banks of rivers in the late evenings. Needless to state, a Colorado River rafting trip can be an amazing way to celebrate any occasion such as birthday, anniversary, graduation and more. The Canyon has so much in store for each traveler that one visit is just not enough. Detailed rock formations, an impressive variety of flowers, popular market plazas and even isolated locations, one you can simply explore this place before and after your river rafting adventure.

However, certain points need to be considered before embarking on a river rafting journey. The primary thing is to make sure you choose a reputable Colorado River rafting service provider. Certainly, when you want your rafting trip to be a memorable one, giving attention to details offered by these rafting service providers is crucial.

Professional rafting service providers make sure you are facilitated with everything that may be required during your river trip. The expert raft guides provide all the details about the geology, ecology and history of the place. Thus, taking professional assistance is must for every rafter who is planning to experience a Colorado River rafting adventure.

In addition, professional Colorado rafting companies provide proper attention to each rafter making sure that they are mentally and physically prepared. Their guidance ensures that one is strong enough to face the challenging water rapids in the most comfortable way. Not only this, reputable rafting service providers guide about the right time for rafting and provide all the requisite safety gear to ensure safety of each passenger.