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Colorado River Rafting- An Amazing White Water Experience

Colorado white water rafting gives a great opportunity to explore the amazing river along with the beautiful canyons. The beauty of the river is filled with unlimited levels of excitement for every rafting enthusiast.

Colorado River rafting is not only a wonderful adventure; but also an amazing social experience. Rafting enthusiasts on this river enjoy a memorable experience which they carry with themselves forever. While on the raft, they can spend quality time watching all the picturesque landscapes and pristine beauty of the destination that follows all along the way.

Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is a great place to enjoy with family and friends.  Many trips also offer helicopter tours, camping, and even climbing in addition to the river rafting adding more fun to your journey. White water rafting trips are the perfect way to connect with friends, family, nature, and history.

When you will sign for a Colorado River rafting trip, the river rafting service providers will generally offer you an exciting package. This package will be inclusive of your essential supplies as well as meals that you will receive on your trip.

So, what are you thinking about? Pack your bags for a memorable Colorado River rafting experience.


Colorado River Rafting Made Easy

Are you planning to visit a new destination for your river rafting trip? There are numerous rafting spots across the globe but the most adventurous amongst all is the popular Grand Canyon. The destination is counted in the top wonders of the world and has everything to amaze you with. From its awe-inspiring beauty to audacious rafting trips, you can certainly spend the most memorable time of your life in Grand Canyon. This is the reason why thousands of tourists from all over the world plan for Colorado River rafting trips. An incredible experience is what the Grand Canyon promises everyone.

If you want to visit a place that is encumbered with fun, adventure and wonderful surroundings, then going for a Colorado River Rafting trip is the best option. This way you will be able to escape from your hectic daily life and will be able to relax in the lap of nature.

Besides Colorado River rafting, you can also plan for short trips in the Grand Canyon such as hiking, 2-day helicopter tours, camping and more.

To enjoy all this, all you need to do is, find a professional Colorado River rafting company. The professionals will serve you with everything that you would require at your rafting trip.

Good luck for a memorable journey.

Planning a River Valley Holiday? – Some Important Decisions Things to Keep in Mind

White river rafting is an activity which is not just for the adventurous. It is something which is enjoyed by nature lovers and people who do not like the conventional holiday ideas. If you are planning a white river rafting holiday, here are some of the important things that you need to keep in mind.

The first thing that you need to decide is the time that you intend to spend in the valley. This is very important as it will help you in deciding the tour package. Since Colorado River rafting trips range from one day to a fortnight, have a clear idea of how many days you can spare for your river valley experience.

What type of adventure are you looking for? Are you in for a hardcore high grade rafting experience or just want a rafting learning trip? This you need to decide as it will form the basis of your trip. Since rafting trips are from 1 day to a fortnight, you need to be sure of the time constraint while planning a river valley holiday.

Whether it is a family holiday or a trip with friends, Green River rafting is an experience that will allow you to rejuvenate in the midst of unadulterated nature. Get set for your white river rafting experience.

Rafting Tips for Beginners

Water fascinates most of us. Whether it is a dip in the neighborhood pool, kayaking or white river rafting, water activities have always been a part of our lives. If you are planning to go on a white river rafting trip for the first time, here are some useful tips to keep in mind –

  • Since river rafting requires endurance and strength, it is necessary that you should be in perfect health before going on the Colorado River rafting trip. Get a thorough medical checkup and consult the doctor if you have any physical conditions.
  • Expert white river rafters will tell you about the suitable clothing and rafting gear that you need to wear and carry and they will equip you accordingly.
  • Never disclose anything from the expert rafters who will accompany you on the trip. Tell them if you do not know how to and it is your first time to ensure your own safety.
  • Most people, especially youngsters and teens, even if they do not have a prior experience of rafting feel like venturing on their own in the gurgling river. Never do this as this can jeopardize your life security.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your first rafting experience.

Tips for Preparing for a White River Rafting Trip

White river rafting is an extremely popular outdoor activity with adventure seekers from all over the world finding their way to the most sought after white river rafting locations. If you are planning to go on a Colorado River rafting trip, here are some useful tips that will help you to prepare for your adrenaline pumping experience –

• Pack necessary items such as swim wear, an additional pair of clothing, shoes, and towels.
• Sunscreens, mosquito and bug repellants, and sunglasses should also be carried for a rafting trip.
• Since you would be on the river for hours, do not forget to carry water bottles with you to protect you from dehydration.
• If you have any medical condition such as high blood pressure, asthma, or some allergies, do not forget to carry the medicines with you.

River rafting is a great outdoor sport that not only quenches your thirst for action and adventure, but also helps to break the monotony of the daily life. Keep these tips in mind and make your rafting a truly wonderful experience.

The Most Enthralling White River Rafting Destinations in the World

Adventure is a primal human nature. There is an unexplainable and mystical charm about rafting and this is the reason why thousands of individuals every year head to a rafting destination to quench their thirst for adventure. The gravity defying rapids, free falls into nothingness, and miles of tumultuous and raging waters are enough to satiate the undying adventurous spirit of a man. Here are some of the most enthralling white water river destinations in the world that you can not afford to miss if you are an adventure sports lover –

Rio Upano, Ecuador – Apart from treacherous river courses and tumultuous rapids, the rafting experience in Rio Upano is one of the most scintillating experiences you can ever dream of. Blessed with an envious flora and fauna, the journey starting from the town named Mascas takes you to the vastness of the Amazon Basin and the innumerable secrets that it keeps in its huge bosom.
Colorado River Rafting
Colorado River, the USColorado River rafting is undoubtedly one of the best white river rafting destinations in the world attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Dangerous rapids, heart-pumping waterfalls to enchanting scenery and panoramic views of the majestic Grand Canyon, rafting in the Colorado River is once in a lifetime experience not only for adventure fanatics, but also for nature lovers and families as well.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe – Zambezi River is home to one of the biggest and most frivolous rapids in the world. If you are looking for a hardcore adventure white water rafting experience, then, Zambezi River will not disappoint you. With a total of 22 rapids, the majority of which are grade 5 rapids, river rafting in Zambezi is literally not child’s play.

Sun Kosi River, Nepal – Resting amongst the highest peaks in the world, Sun Kosi meanders its way through dense forests, majestic canyons and snow-capped peaks. The whole area offers hundreds of activities that range from mountaineering, wildlife and bird watching to camping, making it a one-stop destination for the tourists.

There is more to river rapids than paddling the waters in the wilderness. Rafting is about endurance and self belief that ignites a positive way of living. If you are planning a Grand Canyon rafting expedition, make sure that you adhere to the instructions of the guides to come out of the deceptive rapids with a clear mind to enjoy the pleasures bestowed upon you by the Mother Nature.

Looking for Cheap White Water Rafting Trips?

Grand Canyon RaftingAre you thinking about White Water Rafting adventurous tours? Then I must tell you that White Water Rafting in Colorado is one of the best activity for family vacation ever. Whether you are looking for a nice, calm, scenic float down the river, or a more extreme class V whitewater rafting experience, you won’t have to look far. Almost every state offers guided whitewater rafting trips at every level. However, whitewater rafting trips can be expensive.

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Here are a few tips on how to find cheap discount whitewater rafting trips shared by Ehow Contributor.

Moisturizing and Fashion Tips for Rafters

Colorado River Rafting

You have planned a Colorado River rafting trip and ready to embark on a rafting adventure. But have you also prepared yourself to stay healthy and fashionable on your river trip? Considering the following moisturizing and fashion tips might help you:


Try to keep drinking fluids with yourself. You may not find yourself sweating after that but it is actually the fluids doing their role to keep you warm. If you are facing powerful cold water rapids on your teeth, avoid drinking cold water as it may create oral problems. Try to take a thermos along and prefer hot drinks. Don’t keep rafting wearing the same wet gloves and sock, keep changing them. It is advisable to carry some extra clothes and other necessities for that purpose. Also remember to slather a thick lotion on your hands and feet each night before you go to sleep to limit the cuts and shedding of skin on the back of your hands and feet.

Fashion Tips

Rafting is not just an outdoor activity but it also gives rafters an opportunity to stay in fashion with cool wardrobes. While shopping for rafting outfits, try to look for lightweight clothing. Girls can wear cotton skirts, shorts and long sleeve cotton shirts that appear smart and are comfortable as well. Loose pants are also a good option to stay comfortable yet fashionable while rafting. Boys can go for surgical scrub pants or shorts for heavy rapid days as stiff outfits might provide discomfort.

Now stay fit yet fashionable and enjoy rafting like never before.

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Colorado- Ways to Start an Enjoyable Journey

Denver, Colorado, also known as ‘Gateway to the Rockies’ has no shortage of outdoor activities for travel enthusiasts. Not only this, outdoor activities in Colorado are made even better with all the breath-taking red rock mountains and other picturesque landscapes. River rafting, golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, kayaking, backpacking and horse riding are some of the amazing outdoor activities that you can enjoy at this wonderful destination.

Colorado River RaftingThe Rocky Mountain Foothills are famous for backpacking through the wilderness, or even just driving through their pristine beauty. You can find a Red Rock Park, a 250 million year old area made out of red rock formations that is worth visiting in a group. Bear Creek Canyon is also popular as a wildlife tourist spot that explores animals from wild deer to buffalo. Going on the top of hills we find some of the most exciting outdoor activities that ensure fun you have never experienced before.

The Colorado River is then known for a plethora of enthralling outdoor activities ranging from fishing, rafting, swimming, kayaking and canoeing. The river is adored by millions of travel enthusiasts for its scenic areas and rafting adventures in Colorado River.

When you just want to escape from the daily worries and want complete relaxation and refreshment, packing your bags for a Colorado trip is a great decision.

Colorado River: One of the best places for White Water Rafting

Colorado River Rafting is one of the awesome location for White Water Rafting in Grand Canyon.

Wild Junket rated Colorado River as the second best spot for Grand Canyon White Water Rafting.

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