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Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies [Infographic]

Are you planning for Colorado River Rafting Vacation or Grand Canyon Rafting trips?

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions, Inc. has presented an Infographic titled ‘Rafting Guide For Dummies’, which has loads of information about the basics of oar strokes for beginners. It adumbrates the 6 common oar strokes a rafter must be efficient at:

  • J-stroke
  • The sweep
  • The draw
  • Backstroke
  • Push Stroke/ Portegee

The infographic reveals

  • Names and visual guide of the different types of stokes
  • The effect of each stroke while rafting
  • ‘How-to’ steps for each stroke

 Colorado River and Grand Canyon Rafting Guide for Dummies Infographic by CRATEINC


The Most Popular Extreme Sports

It is a well known fact that nothing gives you a better kick than adventure. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies are always on a lookout for something that can quench their thirst for adrenaline. From gravity defying stunts to diving in the deepest gorges, here are the 7 most popular extreme sports that are a huge craze among adventure lovers –

Skateboarding – Originated in the 1940s in California, skateboarding has become an immensely popular adventure sport. There are various events associated with the sport where you can show your skateboarding skills to the group of screaming crowds.

Climbing – Imagine literally hanging from a cliff with deep nothingness beyond. Climbing is an extremely popular adventure sport where you can test your endurance and stamina while climbing rocks, ice or buildings.

Bungee Jumping – This extreme sport involves jumping from a huge height while being connected to a large sturdy cord. You are tied to the cord and what follows next is free fall into abysmal depths with the fall controlled by the cord. A must to do thing on every extreme sports fanatic’s list.

Base Jumping – Base jumping is similar to bungee jumping, however, here the jumper is not tied with a rope. Base jumping involves a free falling from a tall structure and descending with the help of a parachute. Extremely dangerous, owing to the risk involved, base jumping is banned in various states of the US.

White river rafting – Nothing gives more thrill than literally fighting and making your way from the thunderous rapids in a raging river. White river rafting is probably the only extreme sport that can be enjoyed by all, depending upon the rapids and their different grades. It is a team sport where you have to paddle down your inflatable raft through a violent river filled with rocks and tumultuous waves.

Extreme sports lovers enjoy sports that help them defy themselves. White river rafting is a perfect leisure sport to test your endurance against powerful water force. If you are planning a Grand Canyon white river rafting trip, it is necessary that you acquaint yourself with the techniques and skills required and select the best Grand Canyon rafting guides so that you can enjoy this outstanding sport. Make sure you adhere to the safety requirements in order to have an unforgettable experience.

White River Rafting – A Great Way to Unwind

White river rafting is an outstanding outdoor sport and a great way to unwind. The thrill associated with literally fighting your way through the turbulent waves is enough to satiate anyone’s hunger for adventure. Cruising down the gushing rapids not only allows you to test your strength and endurance, but it is also a great way to break from the monotony of the daily life.

Life becomes dull and boring trapped in the continuous work routine. We all need a break to unwind and Grand Canyon white river rafting allows you ample of opportunities. Apart from rafting in the stunning waters, you get a chance to explore the undiluted wilderness. There are other activities which include trekking, camping, hiking, photographing that will keep you occupied.

River rafting is an activity that helps you understand the value of team work. It inculcates better understanding of team work and allows you to work with more enthusiasm and vigor, while being more considerate towards others in the team. It is said that nature is the biggest healer and river rafting is an activity that is undertaken in the midst of untamed nature. So next time you feel unable to handle the work pressures, book your Grand Canyon rafting tour and get back on the right track.

Excellent Tips of Wave Surfing for Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

If you are planning a vacation for Grand Canyon White Water Rafting with your family then you must watch this video shared by Kevin McMillan, eHow Presenter on Wave Surfing Tips.

The Most Enthralling White River Rafting Destinations in the World

Adventure is a primal human nature. There is an unexplainable and mystical charm about rafting and this is the reason why thousands of individuals every year head to a rafting destination to quench their thirst for adventure. The gravity defying rapids, free falls into nothingness, and miles of tumultuous and raging waters are enough to satiate the undying adventurous spirit of a man. Here are some of the most enthralling white water river destinations in the world that you can not afford to miss if you are an adventure sports lover –

Rio Upano, Ecuador – Apart from treacherous river courses and tumultuous rapids, the rafting experience in Rio Upano is one of the most scintillating experiences you can ever dream of. Blessed with an envious flora and fauna, the journey starting from the town named Mascas takes you to the vastness of the Amazon Basin and the innumerable secrets that it keeps in its huge bosom.
Colorado River Rafting
Colorado River, the USColorado River rafting is undoubtedly one of the best white river rafting destinations in the world attracting hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Dangerous rapids, heart-pumping waterfalls to enchanting scenery and panoramic views of the majestic Grand Canyon, rafting in the Colorado River is once in a lifetime experience not only for adventure fanatics, but also for nature lovers and families as well.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe – Zambezi River is home to one of the biggest and most frivolous rapids in the world. If you are looking for a hardcore adventure white water rafting experience, then, Zambezi River will not disappoint you. With a total of 22 rapids, the majority of which are grade 5 rapids, river rafting in Zambezi is literally not child’s play.

Sun Kosi River, Nepal – Resting amongst the highest peaks in the world, Sun Kosi meanders its way through dense forests, majestic canyons and snow-capped peaks. The whole area offers hundreds of activities that range from mountaineering, wildlife and bird watching to camping, making it a one-stop destination for the tourists.

There is more to river rapids than paddling the waters in the wilderness. Rafting is about endurance and self belief that ignites a positive way of living. If you are planning a Grand Canyon rafting expedition, make sure that you adhere to the instructions of the guides to come out of the deceptive rapids with a clear mind to enjoy the pleasures bestowed upon you by the Mother Nature.

Ensure Your Safety with these River Rafting Safety Tips

White river rafting is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world. The gurgling waters, roaring rapids and treacherous rocks are enough to make an adrenaline junkie’s heart beat faster. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind to ensure your safety on a rafting trip –

  • Know where you are going – River rapids are categorized from rapid 1 to rapid 6, with 1 being the easiest and 6 most advanced and dangerous. Always search the area before going to know if you are capable of rafting there. In addition, rivers can get more tumultuous during the rains, so you have to keep that in mind as well.
  • Never go alone – Even if you are a trained swimmer, never do the insane thing of taking your raft and going alone in the river. The river where rafting is done is not a swimming pool and rafting requires more than just good swimming.
  • Always wear a helmet and life-jacket – Make sure that you have a helmet and comfortable life vest on whenever you are in the water. Do not take them off even if you come across a gentle section of the river.
  • Check the equipment – Always check the raft and paddles before hitting the river to ensure that they are not damaged.

River rafting is an exciting way to know your potential and endurance levels. If you are planning a Grand Canyon rafting trip, keep these tips in mind and ensure an adventurous and safe time.

Rafting into the wild in Arizona’s Grand Canyon

In the Grand Canyon, towering rock formations dwarf a raft on the Colorado River.

“Rolling down the Colorado River on a week long raft adventure.” – By Kristin Jackson

Kristin Jackson has shared her experience of rafting into the wild in Arizona’s Grand Canyon and also describe in very different way. She also mentioned,” Deep in the wild heart of the Grand Canyon, nature’s symphony played. A canyon wren’s lilting notes echoed off red-rock cliffs. The wind sighed and whistled. The river murmured along, then roared through rapids.”

Original Article:

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting: New Wonder

Are you visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time? Before you finally embark on your journey, know about this wonderful destination in detail to make it a trip of your dreams.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, over 18 miles wide and is 6,000 feet / 1,800 meters deep. Located in Arizona in the southwest United States, Grand Canyon is counted in the top most spectacular natural wonders of the world. When deciding for memorable Grand Canyon tours, the choice you get is wide.

Not to forget the smooth white-water rafting adventures at the Grand Canyon and offer incredible fun to rafters. Millions of rafting enthusiasts visit the destination to experience the powerful water rapids and unveil a lifetime adventure.

Grand Canyon is encumbered with endless adventure and fun. Having some information about the place can help make your trip truly everlasting.

Read out the full article to feel the experiences shared by other in details

Arizona River Rafting- Experience an Unparalleled Adventure

It is said that experience is the best teacher. When it comes to the Grand Canyon rafting, nobody can literally express his or her experience.

Grand Canyon rafting adventure is truly made for rafting enthusiasts across the globe. With the finest rafting tours operating in the Grand Canyon, you can experience the unique beauty of the destination on your raft. Here you will find panoramic close-up views of towering canyon walls, a magnificent wildlife, splendid canyons and the famous Arizona River. Grand Canyon rafting experience is truly a trip of a lifetime. You can share a memorable experience with your friends as the Grand Canyon preserves an opportunity for outstanding and reasonably priced rafting trips for generations to come.

Rafting guides at the Arizona River are meticulously selected and are trained to prepare you to face the challenging rapids ensuring that you have a safe and an enjoyable rafting experience. The Grand Canyon river trips services help make your rafting vacation an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

You can do rafting anywhere but the Arizona River has something unique to offer.. So, book your trip and experience an unparalleled adventure of Arizona River rafting.

Enjoy your Canyon White River Rafting Expedition with Exciting Adventures

Grand Canyon RaftingAre you planning for a white river rafting for the very first time? Try out the Grand Canyon, your perfect destination for white river rafting. Nothing delivers enjoyment, adventure, comfort and exhilaration like the Grand Canyon river rafting trips. The place is enclosed with pristine beauty and there is a lot more to Colorado River while you do the river rafting. You get ends of photo opportunities that cover the blue sky in your photo frame.

When you book Canyon white river rafting trips, you get a chance to explore Canyon in a unique way. The Grand Canyon trips provide you a short and sweet meet and greet at the starting-off point. In addition, you are provided with some delectable meals with entertainment going along side, safety tips and planning of rafting before hitting the serious adventure into the Colorado River. On the very next morning, you get ready to experience a lifetime adventure.

Grand Canyon Awesome Weather

The weather in Canyon is quite cool and you can smell the awesome fragrances of flowers covering your surroundings. Breathe deeply and you will be able to feel the peace till the bottom of your mind. The adventure begins in the afternoon as the sun begins to heat even in the remotest areas. The ultimate time to encounter the legendary rapids that distinguish the Grand Canyon rafting trips apart.

When you face the river, you realize that the connection of earth and its history is only possible on the Colorado River. You not only get a lifetime white water rafting experience but also an unforgettable plethora of memories that are attached to the marvelous beauty of Canyon. You can have a 1 day white water expedition that can introduce you to the night sky with shooting starts and breathe taking vintage points of the Milky Way. After seeing these excursions, you might wonder if there is anything better on the planet.

Grand Canyon ToursWell; Colorado River expeditions provide you excitement that can always entice you even after you sign off from the place. There are heart stopping rapid fires that build up your appetite for more adventurous Tour in the Grand Canyon. The thrill does not end and it will complete the satisfaction of all your senses. You can plan for an outing, river rafting trip with your companion. Booking professional and reliable river rafting trip organizers would be recommended. Unlike any other activity, white water river rafting has its own way of converging bonds with rafting lovers for a lifetime.