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All You Need To Know About White Water River Rafting

White water river rafting is a popular recreation activity and also a competitive sport. Incredibly large number of people across the world are taking interest in white water rafting and enjoy participating in it as this sport offers adrenaline rush, thrill, excitement, challenge and an opportunity to experience beautiful scenery.

The first whitewater rafting expedition was recorded in the year 1842 by Lieutenant John Fremont of the U.S. Army. The rafting expedition took along the Platte River. Lieutenant John Fermont used a very simple boat for this trip. It was made by assembling independently wrapped rubber tubes and a connected floor.

Whitewater rafting has come a long way since then. Be it the boat design and materials or equipment and rafting techniques, things have evolved a lot since its early inception.

Different kinds of boats are used for white water rafting. You can go rafting in a rubber canoe, a kayak, an inner tube, or a large raft.

The other equipment that you would require to go on whitewater rafting are raft, paddle, and personal flotation devices also PFDs. You may use any kind of raft, but the paddle must be comfortable to hold and should be able to reach both sides of the boat without you having to bend and reach the water.

Before you bump in to the wild and roaring waters, make sure you wear the right kind of gear. You must wear a helmet to protect your head from hitting the rocks in the river and lightweight clothes that can dry quickly. Buy a comfortable pair of waterproof shoes that won’t soak the water.

Whitewater rafting can be enjoyed throughout the year but it is advisable to choose a warm climate if you wish to enjoy this water sport thoroughly.

There are a myriad of rivers in the USA where you can enjoy whitewater rafting. For a lifetime experience, visit Grand Canyon. The mighty Colorado river would give you one-of-its-kind whitewater rafting experience.